Hi there! Finally jumping on the┬áblog bandwagon, only because I’ve found something I really, really want to talk about. I will be addressing the the birds of Liberia, and related topics, such as their conservation, threats, and ecology.

Together we will see common birds doing uncommon things (like a group of four Bulbuls chattering so loudly about their activities at the end of the day, I climbed to the roof of my porch to see them), to amazing birds just sitting there (like the Cormorant which was apparently full for the day by the time I got there that for the entire 40 minutes we were 20 meters away and he just sat there basking in the sun). We will stalk birds through bushes, teach and learn about birds, and even challenge them with song.

These will take us on walks through people’s backyards, hikes through proposed protected areas and protected areas, and along main roads. Birds call all these places home, and we mostly don’t notice.

I will do this by taking you along with me as I document the birds of Liberia. These trips are weekly, and usually occur on the weekend, so expect updates on Mondays.