Hello, world! I have been moved to write about the wonderful birds of my home, Liberia… prepare yourself for birding trips that make the most ordinary places hubs of wonder, and the most amazing places more so! Our biodiversity is our treasure, enjoy!


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Come birding with me

A short series of buzzing calls comes from a nearby bush, and we move closer. I recognize it, but remain quiet. I know that some Ashanti people of Ghana call it a ‘Dwe-dwe’, and I am curious if it is the same here. But the Tawny-flanked Prinia apparently has no local name here because when it pokes it’s head out of the bushes for a photo op, my companion does not recognize it. I try to take a picture of the bird, quickly before it takes off, to perch for a few seconds on another branch, and another, and another. Warbers, am I right?

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